Welcome to Ely 6J Beefmaster Ranch. We are glad you have visited our website and hope that someday you’ll visit the ranch. The diversified ranch is located a just a few miles west of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. The ranch includes a purebred/commercial Beefmaster herd, two pullet houses and a hay operation. In addition we, John D. and Martha,  raised four children and now enjoy them and their families, which includes 12 grandchildren. 

Our Beefmaster herd was built on the “Six Essentials” that founded the breed-Disposition, Fertility, Weight, Conformation, Hardiness and Milk Production, and we continue to use those selection parameters for the herd today. We utilize AI and embryo transfer to genetically advance our herd and we utilize commercial E-6 females as recips.  Fertility is a major concern and we maintain a 60 day calving cycle, while still participating in an embryo program. 

Ely 6J Ranch also runs a commercial herd of E6 females with very strong maternal traits. We work very hard to produce Beefmaster bulls that meet the needs of our commercial customers. We make our living in the cattle business and breed cattle that will help our customers make a profit. 

In addition to our cattle operation, we operate two Aviagen pullet houses, Martha and Dayla, our oldest daughter, handle this on a daily basis.  Dayla, better known as girl “Friday”, also handles the bookkeeping, secretarial duties and any other thing her dad can think of when he’s not there! 

I have served as Director, Secretary and Vice President of BBU, served as President of Central States Satellite and belong to numerous other satellites and marketing groups.  I also have served on the Oklahoma Agriculture Aviation Association State Board. In addition, Martha and I are very active in our community and our church, Bethel Baptist. 

Again, we are glad you have clicked on our site and invite you to call us, email us, or come see us to learn more about Beefmasters in general and Ely 6J Beefmasters in particular.  -John D



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ELY 6J BEEFMASTER RANCH John D and Martha J. Ely and family • Rt 2, Box 63-2 Sallisaw, Oklahoma 74955 • 918-605-1038



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